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Please Don't Skimp on Japanese Translations

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

The "what you pay is what you get" rule definitely applies to translation work, especially when it comes to translating from English to Japanese. These two languages are so different.

Low quality translation can result in unnessesary Office Actions, (or even worse, Rejection. This also can lead to more work time (i.e higher fee). It could cost you more than the amount you saved on the translation work.

In general, we will only handle the case where the translation is done by ourselves or professional translators with solid experience in the patent space. Please do not rely on "friends" who are studying Japanese or translators with no experience in patent translations.

We can offer you competitive translation fees, since we translate in-house. Moreover, if we do the translatioins by ourselves, we can handle the subsesuent OAs more efficiently, resulting in lower costs for you.

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