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Madrid Trademark Amendments (Japan) Cookbook

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

To reposnse to a provisional refusal for Madrid Protocol Trademark application designating Japan, you will need to assign a representative who lives in Japan. We are happy to help you out for a very competitive fee.

  1. Please send the notice of provisional refusal to us for a quote. If the task is straightforward, we typically can handle it for 200USD.

  2. We need a POA, but your signature is not necessary. We can prepare a POA for the applicant to check via e-mails, so there is no need to mail any paper documents.

  3. Once the application is granted, we will receive the paper certificate from JPO (Japan Patent Office) , which we can forward to you as a complimentary service.

  4. After that, any administration you need to do (like renewal or changin of the address etc) is a responsibility of the IB representaive.

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