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Hague Design Amendments (Japan) Cookbook

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Responding to a provisional refusal for Hague Design Application designating Japan, you will have to assign a representative who resides in Japan. We are happy to help you for a very competitive fee.

  1. Please send the notice of provisional refusal to us, we can provide you with a quote. For straightforward tasks, we can typically handle them for 200USD.

  2. Please note we need a POA, but no signature is necessary. We can prepare a POA for the applicant to check via e-mails. No need to mail any paper documents.

  3. Once the application is granted, the paper certificate will be sent to us, which we can forward to you as a complimentary service.

  4. Please note, one Hague Design aplication with multiple designs will result in multiple domsestic design applications in Japan.

  5. The administration tasks thereafter (like renewal or changing of the address) will be the responsibility of IB representaive.

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