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Do You Need a POA?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

For a new application and its subsequent procedures (e.g amendments, petitions, fee payments) , JPO (Japan Patent Office) does not require POAs . However, if we need to submit documents to JPO for the cases we did not handle the initial application filing (e.g filing amenments to Madrid/Hague applications designaitng Japan), we do need a POA.

The good news is that for most cases, we don't need a signature (or seal) for the POA, thanks to a change in the patent law. We'll send the POA to you via email, and all you need to do is confirm it. There's no need for paper handling or scanning.

However, for some critical procesuderes such as a change of ownership, we still need an original (paper) Assignment Deed with a genuine signature. In this case, it will be neccesary to phyically send the paper document.

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