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PCT National Phase Entry (to Japan) Cookbook

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

  1. The deadline of PCT National Phase Entry is 30-month (no-extension) after the earliest priority date.

  2. National Phase Entry is straightfoward. No POA or other document is necessary. We can even handle urgent cases.

  3. Official Fee is 14,000JPY (about 120USD), our typical Service Fee is 400USD.

  4. The deadline for tranlastion submission is 2 months after National Phase Entry or 30-month after the earliest priority date, whichever is later. No extension. If you miss this deadline the application is abandoned with virtually no remedy.

  5. We highly recommend letting us handle English-Japanese translation. Our translation fee is very competitive (0.25USD/EnglishWord) and we do all translations in-house. This will lead to efficient OA reponses (because we already know what the present invention is about). No extra fee (Official and Service) for translation submission.

  6. You will need to request Subatantive Examination. The deadline is 3 years after International Filing Date. If you miss this deadline the application will be abandoned and there will be virtually no remedy. Official Fee is about 50,000JPY to 150,000JPY (420USD to 1250USD) depending of your being small or large entity, and the number of the claims. You may want to remove redundant claims before submitting Subatantive Examination Request.

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